Tkalnia Zagadek


Escape Rooms in Tkalnia Zagadek are unique. They do not only consist of solving riddles, but are also connected by the story. Players unlock a part of the general plot in each of the rooms. In the center of the game, there are mysterious experiments known under the name “Ratio Decidendi Project”. Game does not recquire knowledge of the story. It can be played without. The story provides however additional depth to the game and can be linked between different rooms. Only by connecting information from all of the rooms, You can unlock the whole mystery.


Road through visions

Escape game

Enter the crazy mind of Victoria. Look for clues and find the answers. Game requires basic knowledge of polish langauge.


What is Ratio Decidendi?

tkalnia zagadek

Mysterious project, twelve patients, orthodox experiments, murders, visions, secrets. Get to know what Ratio Decidendi Project stands for.


Solve dr Serafinowicz’s riddle

escape game

Enter the dark world of experiments and cruel tests. Only good observation and creativity will enable you to unlock all 28 levels.