Tkalnia Zagadek


Introduction to Escape Room

What is “Tkalnia Zagadek”? If you want to know more, this section is for you. If you can’t find answers to your questions, feel free to contact us personally.


At the moment, we offer multiple Escape Rooms in Łódź, Poznań, Toruń, Płock, Wrocław, Radom and Zielona Góra. Each of them contains a set of riddles and puzzles, that players have to solve in a given amount of time to find a key and get out. Meanwhile, the whole group learns about the rooms and its residents’ secrets. The game reminds the movie plot, hovewer, in this concept, you take part in it as a centre of the scenario.


Rooms can entertain from 2 to 5 people during single play. If you are willing to come in two-person-team, we are open for such an option, but it can be very difficult to get out in time.

Age restritions

Minimal age for playing is 14-year-old. People younger than 14 years old are required to come with somebody of age. The main reason for that is the high level of difficulty.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women can take part in our scenarios. Our rooms were prepared in a way not to demand any use of force.


If you want to reserve a play, use our reservation system to choose the most suitable date and time. You should come to our place 10-minutes before your game in order to get acquinted with the rules.

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For whom?

Tkalnia Zagadek is a great fun for everyone. We are visited mostly by groups of friends, families, couples, friends from work.
Groups that plan special event or would like to enter both rooms at the same time – please, inform us about that through an e-mail or phone. Please, specify that in the booking form as a comment.

Company meetings

If you’re searching for a place for a creative integrational company meeting, Tkalnia Zagadek is a great place to consider. Our scenarios depend on coworking, cooperation, communication and fun, that are essential for such a meeting.

Room Escape Rules

The most important rule is that you have 45 minutes to get out from the room that you will be locked in. When you enter the room, timer will be switched on and the door will be locked (don’t worry, we open from outside if a group does not succeed;). Scenarios have a character of a logical chain of connecting dots, searching for objects and cooperating with others. During the game, you can take up to two hints through the walkie-talkie. Have fun and good luck!

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