Tkalnia Zagadek

Escape Room

Tkalnia Zagadek is a new, interesting and special way of spending free time. You have 45 minutes to solve a set of riddles and puzzles placed in a special escape room. You have one goal: Get out in time!

While taking part in our game, you’ll get to know the story of not so typical family… Despite the fact that rooms in Tkalnia Zagadek seem to be rather normal, they contain carefully planned scenarios full of mysterious hints and objects that enable finding the final solution! Gather your friends, family or coworkers and take the challenge!

czas gry

45 minutes


2-5 people

cel gry

Get out!

cena gry

ok. 99zł per team

Why us?

Tkalnia Zagadek is a great alternative for conventional forms of entertainment. Instead of another movie night or going out for a beer – check out our escaperoom. We guarantee almost an hour full of pleasant brain work, cooperation and adrenaline. Gather a team of 2 to 5 people and check if you are able to overcome the challenge!


New form of entertainment


Lots of fun


Alternative entertainment


Great idea for before party