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Below regulations are agreed between – website of company:

Michał Błaszczyk, Michał Pacześ, Teresa Pieniążek, Piotr Sroka Tkalnia Zagadek Spółka Cywilna

Al. Tadeusza Kościuszki 1, lok. 1.01, 90-418 Łódź
NIP: 7252077773; REGON: 101818774,

and the customer of service specified below:



  • These regulations specify the rules of reservation made via and the rules of service usage.
  • Every customer of the service is obliged to read the regulations before an online reservation is made. The person who makes the reservation is obliged to convey the contents of the regulations to other members of group who will also take part in the game at the same time.
  • Customers are obliged to use the website and reservation system in the way which complies with the regulations and law.


2.1. Reservations are made via the website

2.2. Reservations can be made through sheet “RESERVATIONS”, which is a part of website

2.3. Reservation of chosen date and time can be finalized after a few below steps are done:

2.3.1. Choice of the room which the reservation concerns

2.3.2. Choice of the date

2.3.3. Choice of time

2.3.4. Providing personal details of the person who is making the reservation (Name, Surname, Email, Phone number) and the number of people who will take part in the game.

2.3.5. Accepting the rules of game and reservations.

2.4. After the reservation is finalized, customer will receive a confirmation in the form of an email, which will be sent to the address given in the reservation form. Confirmation will be sent during next 10 minutes after reservation is made. In case of not receiving the confirmation customers are asked to contact Tkalnia Zagadek through mobile phone.

2.5. Confirmation consists of below information:

2.5.1. Chosen room.

2.5.2. Date of reservation.

2.5.3. Time of reservation.

2.5.4. Price of the game.



3.1. Payment for the game can be done only with cash or a voucher. Customers are asked to prepare the cash before they arrive at the place of the game.

3.2. The organiser reserves the right to charge an additional fee of 20 zł per each person above the allowed limit defined in the specific game description.



4.1. Minimum age of game participants is 14. Players between the age of 14-16 have to play the game along with at least one other participant who is of age.


4.2. Using the services of Tkalnia Zagadek under influence of alcohol or other stimulants is strictly forbidden.


4.3. Every participant takes part in the game at his own responsibility. Tkalnia Zagadek is not liable for any eventual injury.

4.4. Please arrive at Tkalnia Zagadek 10 minutes before the game begins. It will give you time to learn about game rules. Please arrive punctually.

4.5. The time of game is limited and dependend on the room. There is no possibility of lengthening this time.

4.6. Participating in the game is inadvisable to people who suffer from heart diseases, claustrophobia, epilepsy and who are under psychiatric treatment.

4.7. Participants are responsible for the equipment in the rooms of Tkalnia Zagadek. No puzzle requires using physical strength.

4.8. Participants can’t bring bags, rucksacks, electric appliances (phones, tablets), dangerous objects (knives, weapons).

4.9. The game is monitored