Tkalnia Zagadek


Voucher for Tkalnia Zagadek – great idea for a special gift!

We also offer opportunity to buy a Voucher for Tkalnia Zagadek. It provides opportunity to play one game. Such a Voucher can be a great gift for persons like:
– adrenaline junkies
– alternative seekers
– fans of riddles
– party goers
Of both sexes. This way, one can offer a great gift of fun and be certain of uniqueness of the idea.

Vouchers Presents

Vouchers can be bought in two defferent ways:
– Paper Voucher – please, contact us through the phone or e-mail. We will set up a meeting in our office. This way, we can sell Voucher on the spot and provide new owner with already printed one.
– Electronic Voucher – please, contact us through the phone or e-mail. In response, we send all neccessary information and after payment is filled, we provide buyer with an electronic version of our voucher, that has to be brought in the day of the game.
Regardless of the form, price 99 zł (PLN).

In case of any emergencies, please do not hestitate and call us on: +48 796 003 123
or send an e-mail:

Voucher is valid for 90 days.