Pvaranoia game terms and conditions

  1. The games hosted by the company Tkalnia Zagadek Michał Błaszczyk, registered in Lodz. reg no 9471976099 (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser) can only be attended by players older than 15 y.o. (referred to as the Participant)
  2. Each and every person attending a game commits to absolute adherence to the markings throughout the area of the game, and the orders given by the Organiser staff. Moving outside of the marked track is prohibited.
  3. The game requires the participants to move across the space of the heightened difficulty - including rough flooring, climbing the stairs etc. Therefore the participation of motion impaired individuals is not recommended. The participants by agreeing to the following terms and conditions, state their understanding of those conditions, and their physical capability to move around in such an environment.
  4. People under influence of alcohol, or drugs (legal or illegal) that can impair their sense of balance or perception, are prohibited from participation in the game. By agreeing to the following terms and conditions, the participant states they are not under influence of any substance that could impair any of their senses or the ability to focus.
  5. The organiser reserves a right to deny admittance to any person, whose behaviour indicates being under influence of alcohol or any other drugs, or whose health condition suggests they might be in danger when entering the game area. The participant can be denied admittance in spite of accepting the terms and conditions herein.
  6. The participants must show up at least 15 minutes prior to their designated start of the game at the organiser’s premises (Tkalnia Zagadek, 1st floor, staircase B).
  7. During the game, the participants move freely in prearranged groups within the designated area. A group can be of 8 people maximum. The estimated time needed to move through the passage is up to 150 minutes. The timer starts counting starting from the time of the booking, regardless of any player induced lateness. Moving through the Organiser’s  premises outside of the designated game area is prohibited
  8. The organiser is not liable for any incidents or situations directly or indirectly caused by the Participants’ unwillingness to adhere to the terms and conditions herein, or to the orders given by the designated members of staff during the game.
  9. The participants ought to behave in the way that does not negatively influence the safety and experience of other participants present. Standard health and safety guidelines apply as in the public space.
  10. Causing any damage to the private or public property while on the organiser’s premises is strictly prohibited. Littering or any acts considered as vandalism might be penalised. The organiser’s staff follows a “no-touch” policy during the games.
  11. Obstructing of the designated evacuation paths, including but not limited to the paths essential to rescue brigades, is highly prohibited.
  12. In case of fire or any danger that is a direct threat to the participants’ health and safety, the participant obliges to:
    1. Notify the Organiser immediately
    2. Follow the orders given by the Organiser without and exception
    3. Avoid panicking
    4. Do not impede the rescue brigades (fire dept. or paramedics) ability to perform their duty
  13. The participant takes full responsibility for any damage to health or property that is caused either directly by them, or by the minors under their custody.
  14. For safety reasons, within the Organiser’s premises, it is strictly prohibited to:
    1. Possess any alcoholic beverages, or any other recreational drugs
    2. Smoke tobacco or related products, and using any open fire
    3. Bring any dangerous objects (that would be considered forbidden to bring on a plane)
    4. Possess any drinks in bottles made of glass
    5. Cross or pass through the devices or areas otherwise not suitable to (eg. fences, gates or technical devices)
    6. Bring and use of any mobile phones or personal electronic devices
    7. Enter areas that are clearly designated as not part of the games, or staff only
  15. The participant understands and accepts that the technical condition of the areas used to host the games can involve:
    1. Uneven or rough flooring
    2. Missing or falling interior plastings
    3. Insufficient lighting
    4. Dust and other allergens
    5. Inability to open windows
  16. Given the fact the game area includes the above dangerous factors, the Participants are obliged to exercise extraordinary caution and look after their and others safety. Bringing any objects or decor elements outside of the designated game area is not permitted.
  17. The organiser reserves a right to hold and process any digital media produced during the game (eg. photos or videos) for the purpose of using it in advertising or/and social media. Agreeing to the terms and conditions as presented herein, mean consenting to the use of personal image for such purposes by the organiser.
  18. The cost of the game is 380 PLN, for a group of 5 people maximum. There’s a surcharge of 60 PLN for each additional person, although the group can have 8 people at most. Cash payments are possible, as well as bank transfers, although those would have to be made at least one day prior to the planned game.
  19. The participants can book any of the available time slots for the game using the organiser’s website at tkalniazagadek.pl. For the game of Paranoia, a bank account pre-payment of 100 PLN is necessary for the booking to be in effect. Bank transfer details: Tkalnia Zagadek Michał Błaszczyk
Al. T. Kościuszki 1 90-418 Łódź Account no.:ING: 65 1050 1461 1000 0092 4509 0775 Transfer name:  your lastname + Paranoja
  1. The following discounts can apply to the game:
    1. Absolute amount discounts (-10PLN, -20PLN)
    2. Percentage amount discounts are to be treated as PLN amounts (eg. -10% = -10 PLN)
  2. Each and every participant is obliged to sign this terms and conditions paper in writing. A refusal to accept and sign causes the Organiser to deny admittance to the game.
  3. Herein terms and conditions are valid of as 10/07/2020