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We offer entertainment at 10 different Escape Room games. In order to book, choose a category below, pick a room and make a reservation using our booking calendar.


Classic Escape the room games, best for the wide audience.



Two and a half hour long horror adventure. Not for the faint-hearted. (For ages 15+)



Rooms designed especially for kids (7-14 years old)


Escape the room games are our speciality. We’d happily organise one for your company, for your school or a group of friends for that special occasion. To learn more about our offering, click tabs at the top of the screen. You can contact us directly to get a tailored offer.

Escape Room Łódź

Tkalnia Zagadek is an interesting new way to spend your free time with a group of friends. Welcome to the escape room game, where you find yourselves inside a carefully crafted room full of riddles! You look for clues, use your intuition, and various objects you find on the way that can help you proceed. There’s one goal – to get out in time!

In each of the games, you take part in a thrilling adventure. You enter a game that demands skills of perception, cunningness and team cooperation. Our rooms take you into a world of clues, riddles and cyphers, all leading to one ultimate solution. Bring your friends and family along and take up the challenge!

Why escape room games?

Tkalnia Zagadek and its escape rooms are a fun, alternative means of leisure. Tired of another bowling, cinema or going to a pub? Try our escape rooms!

All our games are intertwined with the main storyline, which slowly unravels as you solve the next puzzles. We guarantee an hour filled with fun, and full of mind-bending riddles, teamwork and some adrenaline as the clock keeps ticking. Muster your team and take the challenge presented by one of our rooms. Can you get out in time?

Great fun



Introduction to Escape Room

The what, the why, and for whom? This section is aimed at answering those questions. If for some reason however you want to ask us something that is not covered here, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Escape rooms

We offer a varied range of escape room games hosted in Łódź. Each game consists of a series of riddles, where the final solution leads to the key allowing the players to unlock the door and get out of the room. For that, you have 60 minutes (or 150 minutes in Paranoia). Solving the puzzles allows uncovering the next fragments of the bigger story, connecting all the games together. Getting to know the full story is not required to solve all the rooms, however, it is definitely an added value. The overall players’ experience is akin to watching a movie… Or rather – playing the main role in one!


The rooms are designed to accommodate groups between 2-5 people. What happens if you only have your partner to play with? Escaping the room might prove to be more difficult than for bigger teams, although not impossible. If you’re a seasoned player, this would be the way to go!

Age restrictions

Minimum player’s age is 14 y.o. Younger players are admitted only when accompanied by an adult. Some rooms might prove too difficult for kids and teenagers, but on the flip side, we offer some games which are designed for kids from the ground up! Check out TZ Kids games in Łódź!


To book a game, please use our friendly booking system through our website. If that’s your first time playing, please show up on the spot at least a couple minutes before your booked game starts to familiarise yourself with the rules.

To make a booking now, please click here.

For whom?

Escape rooms bring a great time to everyone, be it families, co-workers, groups of friends or couples! We often host hen and bachelor parties. If you plan to spend your special occasion in one of our rooms, or perhaps you’d want to bring a larger group of friends to have multiple games at the same time, please let us know in advance during making your booking by filling in the ‘notes’ field.

Company team-building

Looking for a place to spend your next team-building event with your co-workers? Tkalnia Zagadek provides excellent opportunities for mixing fun with the team spirit. Our games are designed to use your communication and co-op skills to the fullest. If you wish to receive a VAT invoice for your game, please drop us a note during your booking. We offer e-invoices which could be sent to your email address after the game.

Ground rules

First and foremost, you have only 60 minutes to get out of the room. The remaining time can be tracked on a big timer clock inside each of the game areas. After you begin the game, the clock starts ticking. The game consists of a series of riddles, requiring logical reason, connecting the dots and teamwork. None of the puzzles requires the use of brute force though! If you’re stuck, you can always ask us for a hint using a walkie-talkie provided.


Your safety and wellbeing are our topmost priority. Even though the door is locked, the players can exit at any time they wish. Each room is equipped with a red box. Upon pressing the button inside, the magnet holding the door is released. In a rare case of power blackout to the building, the doors are released automatically. During the entire game, players can contact our crew via a walkie-talkie. All games are monitored with CCTV.

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gift Vouchers


We offer game vouchers – allowing its holder to book and play one game at the room of your choice. This is a perfect gift idea for:

  • Thrill-seekers
  • Alternative pastime fans
  • Puzzle junkies
  • Party games aficionados

Each voucher is valid for the next 90 days. (Due to COVID-19 outbreak term of validity has been changed to 180 days not including any periods of government – mandated lockdown.)


There are two kinds of vouchers available:

  • Paper vouchers – it’s best to contact us either via phone or email to agree on the suitable time when you can pick up the voucher at one of our locations. This kind of voucher is printed on a special kind of paper, which makes for a perfect gift
  • E-vouchers – Purchase details are exchanged usually via email. After a successful wire payment, we issue a PDF with the voucher which can be then printed or shown on the screen of your mobile upon admittance.

Voucher prices depend on the location, and on the number of players. The final price can vary between 80 and 150 PLN or 360 PLN for Paranoia. In case of any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email.


Tkalnia Zagadek escape rooms are unique. Getting out of a closed room is just the beginning. During the game, the participants unravel the next pieces of the story, leading them through a maze of scientific experiments and the conspiracy contained under a codename “Ratio Decidendi”.

Playing the escape room game does not require you to discover all the various pieces of the plot, it is, however, an added value to the games. Below you can find some of the additional storyline elements as well as two in-browser games which while using the maximum of your brainpower, will gently lead you through the realm of Ratio Decidendi’s secret experiments.


What is Ratio Decidendi?

A secret project. Twelve patients. Orthodox experiments, murders, and visions. Dive deep into the project’s corners.



A journey through Victoria’s visions

Enter Victoria’s mad mind. Look for clues, but beware of the dead ends. Would you manage to thread through the maze of virtual mysteries?



Unravel Dr Serafinowicz’s secrets

The world of (not always ethical) scientific experiments awaits you. Your perception, and the ability to connect the dots, are your only weapons to pass through all 28 levels of virtual riddles.



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